Recruit and Retain the world class educators in North Atlanta and APS.

The Atlanta Public Schools has an abundance of world class educators. We need to do more to capture and share their expertise to the benefit of all our students. I want to encourage and retain the talent in our district by identifying and centering our most effective teachers as mentors and development leaders - and then compensating them for it. If we diversify our compensation structures, we enable more teachers to stay in the classroom and do what they really love.

Virtual learning highlighted the disparities not only for our struggling students, but also for our high achieving students who often don’t have access to appropriately rigorous coursework. I will advocate for more comprehensive virtual and dual-enrollment options for acceleration as well as remediation. 

Modernize curriculum so that students graduate competent and competitve for a rapidly changing world.

With the job market changing faster than ever before, schools are challenged to stay current. This generation has access to more information and technology than ever before, and we are competing with entertainment options that are frequently more engaging than school. We must utilize that access to encourage students’ ownership of their educational experience and equip them with the skills to think critically and continue their learning journey beyond our schools. I will use my experience as an educator who has worked in Atlanta Public Schools both before and during the pandemic to ensure that we are supporting innovative curriculum and teaching that prepares our students to be college, career, and life-ready.

Re-engage all community stakeholders - especially parents, teachers, and students.

Education is a collective effort. High quality education can only be achieved when schools work in full partnership with their families, students, and the surrounding community. It is the responsibility of our board members to facilitate that partnership. I will actively solicit the input of our larger community, and especially our parents, teachers, and students to ensure that their voices are heard, and the needs of every student is met. 

I have demonstrated experience establishing a culture of partnership with parents, students, and faculty, and I want to bring that same partnership to the district level. Every family, student, and community member should know who their school board member is, and that I will be just as accessible and responsive to their concerns as I was for the parents of my students.

While students in District 4 are some of the most successful in Atlanta Public Schools, half of our schools are still demonstrating less than 60% proficiency in ELA and Math. On top of that, less than 70% of those students report that they like their school. We can bring joy back to learning while still equipping our students with the skills they need to find success.