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"Ms. Arciaga was, and still is, the best teacher I’ve ever had. It’s easy to get lost within the public school system, but Ms. Arciaga never allowed for that to happen. Like with all her students, she saw and brought out the best aspects within me that I didn’t see in myself, and that allowed me to grow as a person in and outside of the classroom. I never walked into or left her classroom without being reminded that I was truly cared for, and that she would always be there no matter what I needed. Her taking the time to understand my needs as a person and a student, was the true catalyst in me seeing my own potential as a student."

- Shamar, Class of 2019


"Coach Arciaga is one of the most brilliant teachers I have ever met. She had a huge influence on me and the rest of our team through her leadership and dedication. Whether she was helping us with school work, swimming skills, or even just being available to listen, we knew we could trust her and rely on her. Coach Arciaga knew how to push us to be the best versions of ourselves and we were better students, and a better team, because of her. She would be an amazing addition to the school board because she cares for her students, and for every student, in the way that all teachers should."

Anna, Class of 2022

"Mikayla Arciaga has been the brightest spot of my daughter’s high school experience. As a coach and teacher, she is patient, caring, creative, and communicative. She genuinely cares about children, and it is very clear that she knows what children care about as well.

I always knew that my daughter was in safe hands when she was with Coach Arciaga."

Joyce Lewis, 2022 Parent

"One of teachings greatest treasures is working alongside educators who are just as dedicated and passionate as you.

Mikayla and I had the pleasure of educating some of the greatest minds together. Mikayla was no ordinary educator when she arrived in Atlanta from Florida. In fact, she was extraordinary in every way. It was evident she was no novice to teaching nor was she new to building strong bonds and relationships with students, colleagues, and community. As her mentor teacher, I loved observing her innovative and creative way of teaching math to some of our most struggling learners.


Mikayla always thought outside of the box. She was an instant champion and advocate for her students. When it came to personalized learning andmeeting the needs of all learners, she most definitely had the formula. I vividly recapture one day going in to her classroom during lunch and seeing that she had individual error analysis sheets taped to each desk for each of her students. To say this was impressive is an understatement. 


Mikayla understood the assignment of going above and beyond. She took her preparation as a teacher and her student’s success to heart. Her commitment and dedication did not end in the classroom. She spent most of her evenings coaching the swim team.


I was so elated when Mikayla told me she was seeking candidacy. She is the type of person that we need working on behalf of all stakeholders in the Atlanta Public Schools community. She takes matters of inequity and discrimination to heart. She understands that not everyone’s voice is heard.


I know that Mikayla would be the voice for those matters and more. She listens and she gets it. She doesn’t listen idly, she listens with a heart for service. 


For these reasons and many more it is without disinclination or reluctance that I decidedly and proudly endorse Mikayla Arciaga."

- Mrs. Shamika Y. White

Instructional Coach, Atlanta Public Schools