Mikayla Arciaga is an educator, coach, and advocate for the public education system. After graduating from the University of South Florida, she began working as a high school math teacher and swim coach. Mikayla has worked closely with students, parents, teachers, and community leaders to establish a culture of inclusion and support and ensure that students find success both in and out of the classroom.


As a teacher and lifelong learner, Mikayla is always seeking new and creative ways to engage her students and incorporate new technology and practices for learning. She routinely piloted new platforms and approaches to teaching team, and mentored novice teachers each year. It is her belief that the district should stay at the forefront of learning and teacher development to ensure that our students are prepared for college, career, and life-readiness.

"Our district should provide greater transparency and outreach to all the members of our community."

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Mikayla has worked with multiple school districts in a variety of roles including community engagement, curriculum improvement, teacher development, and policy analysis. She worked for Atlanta Public Schools with the Office of Engagement compiling and analyzing compliance data for the district’s school governance (GO) teams. This role highlighted some of the inequities with the district's transition to a decentralized charter model - many communities had vacancies on their boards or lacked accessibility to crucial information about school budgets and strategic plans.


During her summers, Mikayla has worked with a team of policy fellows assisting school board members in four of the major metro Atlanta school districts. Specifically in Clayton County, where she contributed to several projects including:


  • a line-item review of the $800 million budget

  • an equity audit of almost 200 school board policies

  • an analysis of both school and state-level per pupil expenditure data.


Throughout her work at the district level, she found a need for high quality accountability processes in the public school system. This motivated her to pursue a Master’s degree for Program Evaluation in Educational Environment from the University of Florida.


Outside of teaching, Mikayla’s other great love has been to make swimming accessible to learners of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. As a swim coach for Maynard Jackson High School and the Inman Park Belugas, she has worked to create a space focusing on sportsmanship, community, and joy, bringing home the first city championship in school history.


She currently works as a policy and research analyst for the Urban League of Greater Atlanta advocating for policies that will improve systems for economic and social mobility for people across the city and the state. She lives in Brookwood Hills with her husband and two cats, Sushi & Wasasbi.