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"I've worked in Atlanta Public Schools both before and during the pandemic, and spent the last year and a half working on policy with school board members across the country. I am the only candidate with this experience and will use it to do better for our students, our families, and our community here in North Atlanta."

Election Day is November 2nd

Early voting ends October 29th

We need to ensure that Atlanta Public Schools are places that students and families want to be. 


Students in our cluster are some of the most successful in the district, yet half of our schools are still demonstrating less than 60% proficiency in ELA and Math. On top of that, less than 70% of those students report that they like their school. We can bring joy back to learning, while still equipping our students with the skills they need to find success.


As your school board member, I will:

  • Recruit & Retain high-quality teachers with diverse opportunities for leadership and compensation

  • Modernize curriculum and  teaching practices so all students have the opportunity to be successful.

  • Re-engage ALL our community stakeholders - especially parents, teachers and students.

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The North Atlanta community has many options when it comes to educating our students. All of our neighbors deserve to be part of the conversation. I want to hear your concerns and ensure your needs and ideas are brought to the forefront of Atlanta Public Schools decision-making. I hope you will give me the opportunity to use my experience as an APS school board employee, educator, and coach to support our community and bring new ideas and greater success to our students.​